MICR Check Printer Package: 2-Day Implementation

Navisiontech, Inc

Print compliant MICR checks, customized according to your specific needs.

Everything you need to print your own secure and compliant MICR checks directly from Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Check fraud is on the rise, and only 10% of executives are concerned about check fraud. Navisiontech has partnered with TROY Group, and we are on a mission to eliminate check fraud from all organizations. By implementing these eight components to your organization's check printing process, we can help you lower your risk.

  1. Business Central as your Check Printing Software
  2. MICR Printers with Enhanced Security
  3. Tamper-Resistant MICR Toner
  4. Custom Printer Locking Trays
  5. True Type Security Fonts
  6. Secured Digital Signatures
  7. Anti Copy/ Alteration Watermarks
  8. Blank Security Check Stock


  • HP M404n modified MICR Printer with 1 locking tray
  • M404/M428 MICR Toner Security Cartridge
  • A ream of blank Blue Security Check stock paper with check on the bottom
    • other colors and layouts available, please specify at the time of ordering
  • MICR Font
  • Optional Onsite Service & Maintenance Agreement offer (at additional cost)
  • Free ground shipping within the continental US
  • Online meeting with a consultant to create your check design specification
  • New check format extension will be installed to your Business Central

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