Tableau to Power BI : 3 Week Proof of Concept

Nous Infosystems Inc.

Migrate Tableau reports to Power BI reliably at much lower costs with Nous Infosystems Inc.

Tableau to Power BI migration can be a long-drawn-out and complicated affair. There are different approaches one may take to migrate, each with its extensive list of pros and cons. Nous has extensive experience in migration to Power BI and can help you select the best approach based on your organization’s data landscape.

Based on this experience we have created feature mapping checklists and best practices that will help our architects migrate your Tableau reports faster at a significantly lower cost.

We recommend a 3-week Assessment and Proof of Concept (POC) to start your migration project. The agenda and deliverables are as follows.

Pricing depends on the complexity of selected Tableau reports


  • Understand requirements
  • Select 2 Tableau reports for migration
  • Create Data Model based on Nous’ best practices
  • Report creation on Power BI
  • Publishing to Power BI service
  • Establish Data Refresh
  • Deliverables

  • 2 Tableau reports recreated in Power BI
  • Full migration roadmap including estimated timelines and magnitude of spend
  • Dintr-o privire