Digital for All-Frontline: 10-Wk Implementation


Digital for all is a Saegus offer dedicated to modern workplace solutions (Microsoft 365,PowerPlatform,Phygital) adoption for frontline workers. It aims to address specific needs of this population.

Fluctuating consumer needs and uncertain landscape highlights the importance of accelerating the transformation of the value chain, from supply to final delivery, in order to:

  • Secure supplies and security stocks
  • Ensure customer satisfaction
  • Limit losses and errors
  • Reduce response and treatment times

What is Digital for All ?

Our proven user-centric methodology places the forgotten of the digital transformation back at the center. It aims to optimize Frontline Workers experience and productivity, to ensure a level of commitment, to maximize added value of implemented solutions and go further in exploiting potential of collaborative tools by leveraging Microsoft 365, Power Platform and Devices (HoloLens, Surface Hub, Teams Room,...)

Our 3 stages approach, closest to the field:

  1. Design & Package (5w - custom): Understanding the business, identifying the needs (collaborate, communicate, optimize workflow,...), embedding the teams to define the adoption packages Le + Saegus : A structured methodology to engage teams, indentify levers in the ecosystem and beyond, co-create adapted solutions using Microsoft 365 and Power Platform

  2. Prove (1-4w - custom) : Testing and adjusting the packaged device for generalization Le + Saegus : Methods of analysis and prioritization by our experience to refine the package

  3. Scale (1-4w - custom) : Deploying at scale to sites and areas in iterative mode Le + Saegus : A panel of accelerators to foster adoption during deployments

Business Impacts:

  • Improve teams collaboration and productivity
  • Minimize disturbances in business activities
  • Reduce cost of maintenance and down time

Our expertise :

  • Proven assets and methogology
  • Expertise on Microsoft solutions (Microsoft 365, Power Platform, HoloLens, Surface Hub,...)
  • Design Thinking & Agile Methodology STARS©
  • References on major international roll-out

*Offer price and duration are custom for each engagement. Please contact us to get more information.

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