Fortis IR Table Top Exercises

Sentinel Technologies Inc.

Exercises designed to evaluate your organization’s capabilities when responding to a cybersecurity incident from both a tactical and strategic perspective.

A tabletop exercise is an effective and efficient way to uncover gaps in your incident response plan, IT infrastructure, and human capabilities when responding to a cyber attack. Sentinel designs hypothetical scenarios customized to your organization, and executes them in a safe space to test your response and determine the overall impact. We follow up these exercises with an after-action report and executive summary that includes strategic recommendations and outlines lessons learned and how to correct them in your Microsoft 365 environment. Sentinel offers both technical and executive exercises with differing focus areas: • Threat Identification & Remediation • Systems/Network Isolation • Incident Response Plan Utilization • Breach Disclosure & Reporting Requirements • Ransom & Extortion Response • Customer, Media, Employee Notification • Risks & Vulnerabilities

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