Digital Upskill Program

Storyals Global AB

Boost results and drive sustainable change throughout your organization.

The Digital Upskill Program runs for a full year, alongside your Storyals Training Product subscription. It's designed to complement our training product and builds on our proven learning process. As part of the program, we help you drive digital upskilling and boost results throughout your organization. Storyals experts work with your stakeholders to provide a training plan that fits your needs and support your employees every step of the way. You get a dedicated Customer Success Manager, continuous tips and recommendations, unlimited answers to Microsoft 365-related productivity questions and the support you need to succeed.

What You Get:

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager: Throughout the year-long program, we provide you with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who supports you every step of the way. We go above and beyond to ensure that you get the most out of your training.

  • Customized training plan for your organization: One of our Productivity Experts will customize a training plan that fits your organization's needs and requirements, as well as align with your digital strategy. There are quarterly reviews to measure progress and the program will be adjusted as needed.

  • Inspirational webinars by Productivity Experts: The program offers quarterly webinars where you, together with your Productivity Expert, decide the topic and what you would like to focus on. This gives you an opportunity to take a deep dive into a certain topic and inspires you to boost the learning journey.

  • Teams channel for continuous support: We set up a dedicated Teams channel where your employees will get continuous support. Ask unlimited productivity related questions and get immediate answers from our Productivity Experts. We also send you tips and recommendations to inspire and nudge users to boost learning.

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