Accelerated Intelligent Order Management Adoption with PartnerLinQ: 4-Week Proof of Concept

Visionet Systems, Inc

Quick IOM POC for intelligent, rule-based order routing & fulfillment Visionet PartnerLinQ adopters for connectivity with common B2B/ B2C platforms, marketplaces, common WMS/ ERP platforms, and 3PLs

Visionet service offering is targeted to help businesses perform POC for larger intelligent order management adoption at a fraction of a cost, in a short amount of time and without needing any heavy custom upfront for custom adopter development. Visionet brings PartnerLinQ solution with pre-built integrations with 3rd parties to enable fast and easy onboarding for any order channel or fulfillment channel system or partner during intelligent order management adoption. Visionet service offering is applicable to Retail Consumer Goods/ CPG, Manufacturing and Distribution industry, especially retailers in Fashion/ Athletics (Apparel, Footwear, Accessories), Food & Grocery, Furniture & Home Furnishing type of businesses.

The offering is based on following Microsoft solutions:

  1. Microsoft Dataverse for Visionet's ParnterLinQ connectivity to Intelligent Order Management
  2. Power Platform, Power Apps to setup and maintain configurable rule engines for adoption accelerators
  3. Microsoft Intelligent Order Management for order journey orchestration and scheduling
  4. Power Platform, Power BI for fulfillment performance and exception management
  5. Visionet PartnerLinQ to support extension of connectivity with 3rd party order and fulfillment channels

The pre-requisite for this offering is for the customer to sing up for Intelligent Order Managment staging environment.

The 4-week offering includes following activities:

  1. Identify priority business uses cases for POC
  2. Configure rule engines for order routing & fulfillment
  3. Configure providers leveraging PartnerLinQ existing connect
  4. Manage the exceptions and operations performance

The expected outcome of the Proof of Concept is as follows:

  1. Establish success for intelligent order management implementation
  2. Define roadmap for full adoption
  3. Create a pure configurable adoption process by empowering the business users to start creating new journeys from predefined templates provided by Visionet
  4. Train and create a sustainable process to import incoming orders & inventory/ ATP from various sources and export fulfillment orders to various destination by leveraging prebuilt connector from PartnerLinQ

The offering cost and timeline can vary based on the number of use cases shortlisted and the complexity of orchestration requirements.

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