Dynamics 365 in Banking: 4-Hr Workshop

Wipfli LLP

An engagement tailored for the banking industry to explore how Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement/CRM can maximize your relationships and optimize your processes.

Wipfli offers a unique and powerful relationship management solution built on Dynamics 365 and tailored to the banking industry.

Our solution creates one simple-to-use interface across all lines of business and branches, allowing you to effectively manage customer information, improve customer service, and keep everyone up to date on every customer interaction. It provides visibility into referrals, sales opportunities, customer life events, products, account balances, and next best offers.

Wipfli Connect for Banking leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement sales and customer service to maximize every relationship to enable banks to drive profitability, noninterest income, and improve cross-sell referrals.

It is a central point of view that consolidates information from a lot of disparate systems including your core processor, mortgage, investment, and insurance systems.


  • Introduction to Dynamics 365
  • Review of core processes & current business challenges
  • Demonstration of Dynamics 365 in banking and how it aligns with your business challenges


  • Learn how Dynamics 365 can streamline your processes and increase collaboration
  • Gain an understanding of Microsoft’s technology roadmap
  • Discover best practices within your industry

You will also see first hand how Dynamics 365 in banking can address your growth related business challenges through a series of day in the life scenarios, which includes the following topics:

  • Increase retention and cross-selling opportunities, while building a sales culture
  • Drive non-interest income and maintain or improve margins
  • Leverage comprehensive customer intelligence and put more flow into your workflow
  • Delight customers with exceptional service across all touch points and build customer trust with better insights
  • Maintain customer loyalty and obtain new customers


This session is for Business Leaders, IT, and Sales Managers.

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