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Attach SDS/MSDS requirements to your items and keep your SDS/MSDS documents organized.

Safety Data Sheets - SDS MSDS - (BCA21038)

Keep your SDS / MSDS documents organized. Attach SDS / MSDS requirements to your items and make this information available on your sales order and invoice lines.

With the Safety Data Sheets - SDS MSDS - (BCA21038) extension, you can attach SDS / MSDS documents to your items. The SDS / MSDS requirements for your items are visible in your sales orders and invoices.

The Safety Data Sheets - SDS MSDS - (BCA21038) solution helps you keep your SDS MSDS documentation organized. By extending your item card with specific Safety Data Sheet (SDS / MSDS) information, you can easily keep track of item-specific SDS needs. You can enter multiple SDS document/language combinations and provide additional data on an SDS entry. The applicable SDS fields for the current line item are shown in the sales order and invoice lines.


  • Mark the SDS / MSDS requirements of your items. 
  • Shows the availability of SDS documents and languages.
  • Upload your SDS / MSDS documents and attach them to items.
  • Provide insight into the SDS / MSDS requirements and availability from sales orders and invoices.


  • Keep your SDS / MSDS information organized. 
  • Make safety data available to your customers when it's needed.

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The right of use for all users and companies in one tenant (database).

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This app supports the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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All countries are supported.

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This extension is available in English (United States).

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