Dynamics Migration Accelerator

HSO Innovation

Import transactional data, to quickly migrate to Dynamics 365 for Finance & Supply Chain

Many organizations are considering a migration from previous versions of AX to D365 Finance & Supply Chain. Migration projects include many aspects, like changed business processes, elimination of customizations, redefined integrations and cleanup of data. HSO has executed many migrations. The Microsoft conversion tooling already makes an initial data conversion possible, almost no organization migrates one-to-one. Often, data-structures change: new Charts of Accounts, new financial dimensions, cleaning up items, vendors and customer lists etc. This very often requires extra manual work to convert the dynamic data, since the dynamic data does not fit any more into the modified master data records. This requires an intelligent data-conversion strategy.


Based on these experiences, HSO has developed the Dynamics Migration Accelerator. This add-on to D365 Finance & Supply Chain helps customers to facilitate and speed-up the process of their data migration between older versions of AX and D365, taking these changes into consideration.

The Add-on tooling is built on the Data Management framework and makes data-import easy for non-tech users, by using pre defined templates and spreadsheets.


Using the Dynamics Migration Accelerator substantially decreases the effort in setting up and executing data-imports during migrations. This does not only save time in data-conversion in your project, but it also enables key-users to test with real and correct (transactional) data early on in the project.



  • Single screen import-session
    • Import
    • Reimport
    • Selection of relevant entities
    • Logging
  • Import progress tracker
  • Easy User Interface
  • Using standard Data Management framework
  • Shipped with a (growing) number of standard import templates (Excel)


Customers may also be interested in additional tooling to facilitate the export of dynamic data from previous AX-versions (AX4.0, AX2009 and AX2012) that work in conjunction with this add-on. Please contact us for more information on those. 


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