Enhanced and Flexible Management of Landed Costs


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Improve accuracy, save time, money and maximize your profit margin

The allocation of landed costs using Microsoft Dynamics 365 standard is usually a time-consuming and exhausting process. Errors can occur while calculating or choosing the right allocation method, and it’s too easy for a user to leave a part of a charge unallocated by accident. Moreover, there is no functionality for planning your landed costs, which is very important for distribution, retail, trade, manufacturing, and other companies that are importing goods across international borders in large quantities.

Solution Benefits 

Landed cost management solution solves a lot of pain points for accountants that work with Dynamics 365 F&O standard version. Moreover, it is enriched with new functionalities necessary for precise and easy landed cost planning and management. 

  • Plan the landed costs: more control over the budget and ability to quickly notice even the slightest deviation
  • Assure high price cost accuracy,
  • Track easily the allocated amounts,
  • Automate for faster allocation process,
  • Edit and model easily the allocated amounts before posting them,
  • Use flexible filters to allow precise selection of the lines to be allocated,
  • Choose the allocation method,
  • Reverse the landed costs in a simple and convenient way,
  • Support multi-currency operations.

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