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K3 Fashion – made-to-measure software for the fashion industry.

K3 Fashion is a concept-to-consumer solution, embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365, that optimises inventory and distribution processes to drive profitability with real-time planning capabilities.

Our ERP offers classifications on all products and materials. Each classification is accompanied by a certificate and other relevant documentation to provide granular details on an item or supplier’s ethical and sustainability history. This ensures brands have all the information needed to decide on whether to proceed with a material or supplier.

Additionally, K3 Fashion offers a flexible and scalable foundation from which businesses can gain insight and control over all processes and channels to market.

With customised tools, pre-configured to align with fashion-specific tasks and processes, brands are empowered to augment their channel management, respond in near real-time to consumer demand, and ensure they always have the right product, at the right place, and at the right time.

Furthermore, K3 Fashion’s out-of-the-box functionality ensures there is no need for extensive back-end configuration – resulting in a shorter implementation cycle and quicker ROI.

K3 Fashion includes the following functionality:

- Season Management

Outlined parameters for seasonal collections offers greater insight and heightened performance with faster decision-making to drastically streamline efficiency.


K3 Fashion’s PLM and PDM functionality empowers businesses to have a quicker time to market and decrease product development costs by providing greater design efficiency while reducing administrative overheads.

- Colour, Size and Fit

Aggregated views and easy order entry features enable businesses to be more effective and efficient when dealing with different products and seasons.

- Retail Inventory Management

Quickly optimise product ranges and stock levels across all channels to meet customer demand and keep them coming back with K3 Fashion’s Retail Inventory Management functionality.

- Manufacturing

Handle production processes more efficiently with K3 Fashion’s Manufacturing features that enable businesses to work on aggregated levels, optimise production orders using order-multiples and the order wizard.


Classifications and certificates empower businesses to make socially responsible choices as to who and what they work with.

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