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A suite of Revenue Cycle Management tools leveraging 835 EDI data to accelerate denial management.

Remits, by Chorus Healthcare Solutions, enables practices, hospitals, health systems, and billing services to automate the conversion of EDI payment data to the CDS, as well as create custom workflows. Remits includes the following:

  • Customizable denial management workflows: Choose from a library of pre-built options, or generate tailored workflows leveraging Microsoft Flow, Dynamics 365 Case Management, and associated knowledge base functionality.
  • Import of 835 EDI data to CDS: Automatically import electronic payments through any connected clearinghouse, or manually enter transactions in a structured, organized, and indexed fashion.
  • HIPAA Compliance: Built on a HIPAA-compliant bedrock that extends from the back-end to EDI integrations with partnered clearinghouses.
  • Native FHIR and CDS Support: Layered on the base model created by the Healthcare Accelerator, offering ultimate interoperability.
  • X12 EDI Transaction Support: Support for X12 EDI transactions, including 835 remittance advices.
  • Powerful BI Dashboards and Visualizations: Elevate user experience with clear navigation, visualizations, and business intelligence.
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