Take Notes, provide them to all participants afterwards and keep track of Action Items defined.

The „cc|ce meetingminutes package” is designed to simplify the process of taking Notes during a meeting and providing them to all participants afterwards or to create Follow-up Tasks based on the meeting Minutes items, so you can ensure the discussed items will be kept in mind and the responsible person can finish the process. 
The solution allows you to manage the following core aspects:
  • After creating an appointment / phonecall the users can easily create "Meeting Minutes" for that particular record
    • Data will be inherited from the appointment / phonecall to the "Meeting Minute"
    • Additional information can be stored (e.g. meeting subject & additional notes)
  • Creation of Follow-Up Tasks
  • Distribution of the captured information via Email to all participants


If you have any questions about the add-on, please contact the provider here.

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