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Automate sales processes with our intelligent assistant. Drive data accuracy and revenue growth.

Targo enables real-time, deep insights into your sales people’s progress and makes sure that your enterprise stays on track. Connect any CRM database with Targo, automate pipeline reviews and get rid of missing or incorrect account information. Targo is an intelligent sales assistant, friendly and easy to use, that will help you improve CRM adoption, data accuracy and drive innovation so your organization can focus on driving results.

Key Features
Sales Representatives
• Review open/overdue opportunities and get notified
• Option to call/send email to primary contacts of the opportunities during the pipeline review
• Modify/add new products to opportunities
• Change value/probability and due date on opportunities and add comments
• While in pipeline review, it is required to go through all available opportunities to finish the review
• Gap closing assistance
• Detailed reports (YTD,QTD,MTD Revenue, Remaining business days in the month, Target, Unweighted Pipeline, Weighted Pipeline, Gap to target)
• Add/edit tasks
• Automatically send a report to the manager after the pipeline review

Sales Manager
• Review team opportunities/tasks
• Filter opportunities by team member and see team members with overdue opportunities 
• Call/send email to primary contacts of opportunities
• Add/Modify products on opportunities
• Change probability and due date of opportunities
• See advanced reports (YTD Revenue, QTD Revenue, MTD Revenue, Remaining business days in the month, Target, Unweighted Pipeline, Weighted Pipeline, Gap to target) for the entire team or for a specific team member
• See advanced telemetry for the opportunities and for the pipeline reviews in Power BI reports

Drive data accuracy
• Every data created, updated and deleted with Targo is automatically updated in the CRM as well, by Targo, on behalf of each user
• Every change made with Targo is saved for compliance and auditing purposes 

Why companies need Targo
Retain talent - stop hunting talents just to put them to operational tasks. Help them bring an impact by getting routine, time-consuming meetings off their shoulders.
Be efficient - sales people will always have the information they need at their fingertips.
Increase Revenue – sales managers and executives gain more time to focus on the important deals and with Targo they get insights about upsell/cross-sell or new opportunities to better achieve their targets
Scale with ease – Targo is built to fit any organization, regardless of database size and number of employees.
Know where data is coming from – Targo is deployed in your own cloud.

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