MazikCare - Customer Insights For HealthCare

Mazik Global Inc.

MazikCare Customer Insight for HealthCare helps you gain deeper understanding of patient data

MazikCare Customer Insight for Healthcare helps you gain deeper understanding of Patient data from various transactional, behavioral and observational sources and create a 360 degree patient view. It enables Healthcare providers to unify and understand their patient data to harness it for intelligent insights and actions.
With MazikCare Customer Insight for Healthcare the Clinical care team can manage all patient related information including their key Vital information, Allergies, Medication Records, Clinical Progress Notes and Historical Clinical data etc. from different data sources. In addition, each profile is scored with predictive machine learning to determine the likelihood of their Health Outcome.
This data driven end to end experience not only allows Healthcare providers to cater best patient experience but
predict when a patient will get sick so that preventive action can be taken, create personalized healthcare plans,
and potentially limit the spread of disease before they grow out of control. It also allows provider to have a more
complete view of each patient, which can potentially remove the pre-visit intake questionnaire, which patient say
is the most frustrating aspect of Healthcare.
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