Duplicate Check for Dynamics 365

de Plauti B.V.

Find, Merge and Prevent duplicates in your Dynamics 365 or Power Apps.

Duplicate Check for Dynamics 365

by Plauti B.V.

Find, merge, and prevent duplicates in Dynamics 365 and Power Apps.

Plauti, a leader in data management tools for CRM’s, brings Duplicate Check to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finding, merging, and preventing duplicate records. It’s built natively on the Dynamics 365 platform, and users will have a seamless experience in working with data while getting insights in the quality of their data without ever creating another duplicate.

All the features below work with any entity in Dynamics 365, including custom entities.


Duplicate check jobs: Find all duplicate records in any entity in a batch job, no matter the number of records in an entity. Review and process duplicate records right from within Dynamics 365.

Duplicate search when opening a record: Users are notified when opening a record if there’s a duplicate found. The Dynamics 365 admin decides if a user is allowed to perform a merge.


Merge: Merge up to 15 records at once in a user-friendly modal.


Duplicate notification with option to block insert when saving a new record

Choose to activate Duplicate Check prevention that compares a new record with all other records in the entity on a save action, based on extensive duplicate detection scenarios. Decide based on what threshold the user is still allowed to save a potential duplicate record (e.g., when the user is adding a family member with a lot of similar data to an existing record) and based on what threshold the save option is denied (e.g., first name, last name, date of birth, and email is a 100% match).

Duplicate notification with option to block insert when saving a new record via Quick Create

Duplicates easily enter any CRM by using Quick Create. Duplicate Check offers a powerful duplicate detection feature that triggers a duplicate notification on save via Quick Create. Choose to allow a false positive duplicate to be created or to deny a record creation based on a certain duplicate detection scenario.

As-you-type duplicate notification while creating a new record

In addition to setting up prevention on a save action, choose to activate the as-you-type prevention feature. Instead of having to fill out the entire record and find out you are creating a duplicate record on save, choose to already search for duplicates after a certain set of fields is populated.

As-you-type duplicate notification while updating an existing record

As-you-type duplicate prevention can also apply to updating existing records in any entity. If, because of your update, you create a duplicate record, get a notification while you are updating the record, and save valuable time.

Duplicate detection scenarios

By default, Duplicate Check offers scenarios for most entities, but allows you to set up custom scenarios as well. Use any (custom) field and relate them to powerful matching methods that can compare any field type using smart algorithms. Take complete control in your battle against duplicates and shape your duplicate detection scenarios to find duplicates in any unique dataset.

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Advanced matching methods in duplicate prevention

Plauti’s Duplicate Check is known for its advanced matching methods. We will enrich the duplicate prevention scenarios with state-of-the-art matching methods, allowing you to compare values in the most advanced ways. Find all duplicates, including the ones that are best hidden.

Duplicate Check job filters

This new feature will allow the Dynamics 365 admin to run a duplicate check job on a subset of data by setting up a filter.


We will add the ability to automatically merge duplicate results coming from a duplicate check job. Start an automated merge bound to very extensive configuration options, such as “merge rules,” to be able to take complete control in the automated merge process.

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