Property Management CRM


CRM For Property Management

With our expertise in technology and deep domain experience in Real estate business processes, Property Watch CRM solutions for Property Management were born using the power of Dynamic 365 sales and services.  

Powerful system to manage Property management cycle and relationships between tenants, landlords and agents who rent properties. Our solutions designed to maximize income, efficiency, reduce cost, increase tenant satisfaction, maintain insightful data and powerful technology to help grow Property management cycle. Manage commercial and residential property from individual units, towers, community's etc. 

Features: Ready to use system, ultimate access to secured portals, overview tenancy contracts, automated reminders for renewals, monitoring contracts and agreements generation, leasing, reservation and legal case management, maintain availability of units for lease, vacant reports, inspection, move in, move out cases, payment tracking in multiple currencies, cheque management, maintenance requests, related document library, marketing materials, activity timeline, analyzed real time dashboard and analytics, data history tracking for  all the company activity related between the tenants and landlords, units and projects. 

Designed for: Property Management companies, landlords that wish to manage their own projects, property funds and portfolio and monitor their assets.  

Benefits: A Single connected solution under one workspace that drive efficiency, manage and track all parts of real estate business cycle, streamlines daily tasks, paperless document storage, upgraded technology tools offered from Property Watch management CRM, 360-degree overview and integration with sales and leasing, facility management, tenant and landlord portal, ERP and other solutions. Portal & Mobile app:It’s simple.Tenant and Landlord app provide secure, instant access to the information they need the most and give you a convenient way to maintain 2-way communication from any device. App that covers daily matters of tenant and landlords most important inquiries to ease the communication and requests.  

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