CRM for Utility Operations serving the needs of Energy Suppliers, Distributors and Operators

We offer you a preconfigured CRM industry solution with extensive and customisable functionalities on top of world’s leading and investment-safe Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Winning in the highly competitive utilities market requires streamlined operations, fast reaction to market changes, quick deployment of innovative products and superior customer service while keeping operational costs low.

Utilities CRM Solution provides out-of-the-box CRM functionalities for supporting specific utilities sector operations. It is targeted at utilities companies that would like to quickly establish a CRM solution without compromising on functionality. It incorporates a set of industry-specific pre-developed Microsoft Dynamics CRM modules and predefined guided processes which can be further optimized and selectively included depending on your business needs.

Our product puts customer at the center of your business by providing all relevant information in one place, proposing next best steps, and ensuring no important event is forgotten.

Our CRM enables companies in the utilities industry to:

  • Successfully target new clients in different market segments and grow market share by exploiting internal and external data, advanced data segmentation tools and sophisticated campaign planning and management functionalities.
  • Successfully cross-sell and up-sell to existing clients by applying next best offer technique across all communication channels.
  • Quickly launch new products using established (automated) sales and marketing approaches across several communication channels.
  • Achieve high customer satisfaction and retention by automating customer care operations, getting to know your customer needs and introducing loyalty programs.
  • Measure operational performance and react on time based on reports created from CRM and other underlying system data.
  • Efficiently collect debt by automating the collection process using the collection management engine.
  • Streamline operations in marketing, sales and customer care by introducing business process automation and customized call center agent applications.
  • Cut costs by establishing self-care portals and mobile apps.

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