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Leasepath is the premier CRM & Origination (LOS) solution optimized for global Equipment Finance.

Leasepath makes origination easier.

Leasepath brings accessibility and ease of use to critical business functions. Develop multiple quotes attached to a single deal in process, track submissions to multiple funders and use system rules to handle multi-tiered decision-making. Complex issues that were once difficult to manage can now be as simple as a few clicks. Leasepath results in better visibility for the entire organization, increased efficiency, more actionable data, improved customer service, and a more intuitive system.

Sales & Marketing with Origination in Mind

  • Structure deal flow based on your organization's processes.
  • Allow users to create Dashboards for easy dissemination of information.
  • Streamline the creation and management of leads and customers.
  • Assign leads to team members with auto follow-up.
  • Track everyone associated with the deal – vendors, brokers, funders, banks, sales reps.
  • Utilize predictive analytics with PowerBI and transform your business.
  • Supports the Dynamics Mobile App.

Streamlined Credit Review and Risk Management

  • Structure the deal with Leasepath’s native integration to T-Value’s amortization calculator.
  • Seamlessly transfer deals from sales to credit with Automation and Credit Queues.
  • Review credit with Leasepath’s multi-tier decision making.
  • Assign credit conditions and decisions based on unique funding profiles.
  • Generate Key Ratios, Financial Quotes, and Proposals on-demand.
  • Review a dynamic Audit Trail of changes to deals throughout the sales and credit life cycle.
  • Track critical details of assets associated with deals and use unique depreciation profiles to review predicted exposure/risk across the life of the transaction.
  • Meets and exceeds compliance needs for document and data storage.

Dynamic Documentation & Funding

  • Generate and attach documents – Guarantees, credit write-ups, securities, credit applications, lease agreements, etc.
  • Leasepath’s Funding Fit immediately determines the best option for selling the deal.
  • Automatically pass “won” deals to the servicing or back-end software of your choice.
  • Evaluate success with Leasepath’s built in key performance indicators (KPI’s).

Simplified Customer Service & Collaboration

  • Integrate with critical Microsoft applications, including Outlook and Sharepoint.
  • Manage relationships with partners such as brokers and vendors and receive deals directly with the Leasepath Partner Portal.
  • Quickly exchange the deal with the funding sources of your choice.
  • Pull credit data on multiple individuals instantly with Leasepath’s Credit Link.
  • Automatically create reminders to follow up on new or expiring business.

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