My Business Calendar

Bhanu Singh

A compact calendar to display all events from your calendar list.

Introduction -

This SharePoint 2013 App is developed as an App Part to display events added in a SharePoint Calendar list in a compact calendar control. User can add this App Part on his/her home page. This App Part automatically connects to all available calendar lists in your site and allows you to switch between calendars on-the-fly.

Feature Highlights -

• This app is developed as an App Part and can be added on any SharePoint site.

• A compact calendar widget will highlights the dates of all events of the current month present in the Calendar list of the site. Different color code is used for different event types.

• This app automatically connects to any calendar present in your site and allows you to switch at run time.

• The dates when hovered displays associated event as tool tip.

• Events snippet is displayed below calendar, when clicked would open event's page.

Limitation -

At present this App does not support recurring events.

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