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Improve productivity from your Outlook inbox with DocuSign eSignature

Streamline workflows and improve productivity with DocuSign eSignature for Microsoft Outlook. Sign documents quickly and easily with the world's #1 electronic signature solution. Send and sign documents on virtually any device, from almost anywhere, at any time with DocuSign eSignature for Microsoft Outlook.

With DocuSign eSignature for Microsoft Outlook:

- Access DocuSign eSignature effortlessly from the toolbar of your Outlook applications.

- Sign email attachments or send them for signature with just a few clicks.

- Signers and customers can easily return the signed attachments to the original sender.

- Minimize risks - DocuSign eSignature automatically generates and stores a robust audit trail for each agreement, complying with or exceeding some of the strictest global security standards.

New to DocuSign? Start your free 30-day trial today and experience the power of DocuSign and Microsoft Outlook today:

Capacitățile programului de completare

Atunci când se utilizează acest program de completare,
  • Poate să transmită date prin internet
  • Acest program de completare poate să acceseze și să modifice informațiile personale din mesajul activ, precum conținutul, subiectul, expeditorul, destinatarii sau informațiile despre atașări și poate transmite aceste date către un serviciu terț. Alte elemente din cutia poștală nu pot fi citite sau modificate.

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