DraftWise Inc

Draft and review legal contracts faster through instant access to precedents and clauses.

DraftWise helps lawyers draft contracts faster by giving lawyers easy-to-use tools for searching their own collection of precedents (or the entire firm's collection with enterprise extension).

Features include:

  1. Precedent Search
  2. Clause Library
  3. AI Language Recommendations
  4. Favorite Documents
  5. ...and more

Get started for free, and start drafting contracts faster today.

"A facility agreement takes 30 hours to draft. A lawyer with DraftWise can do it in 10."

Pricing Summary (please refer to for full details on end user policy, pricing details, and email to inquire about upgrading license):

  1. Individual License - Free
  2. Team License - monthly subscription. Includes cloud storage integrations and sharing capabilities.
  3. Enterprise License - please contact us at to discuss requirements

Capacitățile programului de completare
Atunci când se utilizează acest program de completare,
  • Poate să citească și să aducă modificări documentului
  • Să trimită date prin internet
  • Dintr-o privire