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Use 15Five to drive employee performance and engagement.

Communication, alignment, and recognition are necessary for an engaged culture—but remote teams need more. 15Five is more! To perform at their peak, remote teams need to be managed differently. Maintaining the levels of collaboration and productivity you're used to in an office requires the right solution. 15Five can help.

In this application, 15Five users can view and show their teammates' appreciation even more effectively with High Fives.

- Give high fives to individuals or groups by @mentioning them.

- View all the high fives in your organization on the dashboard feed.

This is a modified version of our full High Fives experience. At this time, users will not be able to “like” High Fives or comment on High Fives.

While extremely simple, there is an art and science to giving meaningful High Fives. Here are our best practices for giving your colleagues meaningful recognition.

Focus on the small things

It isn't always the big wins or gestures that merit appreciation. Look around, and you'll likely notice dozens of small moments worth celebrating. It could be someone's demeanor or attention to detail.

Example: @Maria, I admire how you take such an interest in everyone's well-being.

Be Specific

General high fives are less meaningful for the recipient. What specifically did your co-worker do that was so awesome? People want to know what they did that got your attention.

Example: @Courtney excellent job writing that research-backed blog post - the research elements you included were extremely relevant to the feature we highlighted.

Include the Impact

Sharing the impact your co-worker had on you makes recognition twice as meaningful. Don't only thank them for what they did, also share the impact it had on you personally or professionally!

Example: @Shane you did a great job speaking about 15Five at the conference this weekend. You articulated our "why" in an inspiring manner, which left prospects interested in learning more about our product!

Remember, recognition should be both timely and frequent!

You will need an account with 15Five to use this app. Contact us at

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