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Get company information from Tracxn directly into Microsoft Excel

The Tracxn Microsoft Excel Add-in makes it easier than ever to create investment diligence spreadsheets. Now, with the Tracxn Add-in, you can access our database of 1.4M+ entities directly from Microsoft Excel. Get the latest data for multiple fields including founded year, location, total funding, investors, and much more.

Using the Tracxn Microsoft Excel Add-in:
- Install the Add-in
- In your workbook, navigate to Tracxn available in your home ribbon.
- Select companies and output fields
- Click on 'Get Data' to update information in your workbook

You will need premium access to the Tracxn platform to use this plugin.
Reach out to for help with the plugin.

About Tracxn
At Tracxn, we track Innovative companies across 1800+ feeds and multiple countries.
Explore the full potential of the Tracxn platform on

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