Business Card Information Manager

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Collecting personal information data in preparation for ordering Business Cards

With Business Card Information Manager (BCIM) it is possible to collect personal information through a form and save it into a SharePoint list.

By starting up the BCIM input fields will be filled with personal information from the current user given by the SharePoint User Profile Service.

If there already is an item in the order list (recognized by the email address) this data will be used instead of the user profile data.

BCIM assumes that you have an approver to decide if the data and the order is correct and legitimate.

The approver field is normally filled in by the user profile manager field, but it’s possible to fill in any existing user.

This SharePoint-Add-In will validate the approver field. Valid entries are “domain name”\userlogin or userlogin if it’s unambiguous.

It could also be the full name like “first name” “last name”.

After clicking the button “Save Order Data for Backoffice” the form fiel