AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant

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AVA, AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant, helping users find lost content

Say hello to AVA, AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant! Our handy help desk assistant is a new addition to the AvePoint family, and we hope you’ll warmly welcome this little chatbot into your office too. So, you might be wondering why you need AVA and how she can help your team? AVA automates common restore requests and other tedious tasks that could cause a help desk ticket backlog…basically making document recovery and restore a cinch.

Just how does AVA work? She automatically responds to Microsoft Teams chats initiated by end users who are searching for lost content. She can locate missing files, recently modified documents, broken URLs to documents and files, lost emails in Exchange and Outlook, and misplaced files in Mailboxes and OneDrives. When integrated with AvePoint’s Cloud Backup for Microsoft 365, she can also find and restore your Microsoft Teams files and conversations, Microsoft 365 Group files, Exchange items and OneDrive files, even those have already been removed from native Microsoft 365 as well!

Quite simply, AVA makes sure your help desk team and end users doesn’t waste precious time (and money) searching through native Microsoft 365’s recycle bin or AvePoint Cloud Backup data in response to lost item requests, all by empowering users to recover and restore content themselves.

Automatically responds to chats initiated by end users who are searching for lost content, including support for:

  • Search and recover files in Exchange, Outlook and OneDrives’ recycle bin
  • Identify contents in AvePoint’s backup data in OneDrive and Exchange Online
  • Restore Microsoft Teams conversations and files protected by AvePoint Cloud Backup.
  • Restore Microsoft 365 Group files protected by AvePoint Cloud Backup.

AVA gives your help desk team the freedom to focus on more pressing tasks at hand, while making restore and recovery just another an easy-to-use feature for your end users. With security always top of mind, you can bet she’s got all the right controls in place to enforce permissions and make sure content stays in the right hands. AVA is the helpful little chatbot you forgot you needed.

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