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Bring Webex messaging and collaboration to your Microsoft files.

Your current workflow might look like this: You're working on a document and starting to get in the zone. That is until you have to jump between your document and your collaboration tool, breaking your focus and opening you up for distractions. Sound familiar?

With the Webex Add-in for Office 365, you can now open the Webex app right in your Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint file. The Webex add-in makes it easy to create or link to an existing space without leaving your document or messing with your flow.

If you're already collaborating in a Webex space, search and link it to your document. Now, whenever you come back to the document, the relevant space shows up so you can jump back into your workflow. If a space doesn't exist, create one and add all the important people from the document.

You must have a Webex account to utilize this add-in. If you don't have an account, go to, and sign up for free.

Webex provides continuous teamwork beyond the meeting with messaging, file and screen sharing, whiteboarding, and more. It's a secure platform with end-to-end encryption, which means your messages, files, and meetings are secure.

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  • Poate să citească și să aducă modificări documentului
  • Poate să transmită date prin internet

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