Khmer Word Suggestion


The easiest way to check the spelling of your Khmer language writing.

Growing up as a Cambodian, we have a lot of difficulties every time we want to use our language in most of the essential software and online services. The fact that our language does not support in software localization, no built-in grammar detection or spell-checking or we even need to work around to just display the text correctly give us a lot of frustration.

Our add-in, the Khmer Spell Checker is built to provide a solution regarding spell checking (and word detection shortly in the future) to help improve one part of the Khmer language problem in this digital world.

Add-in features:

  • Word Segmentation: In the Khmer language, it does not have space separation between words. Our add-in will use a special algorithm to extract each word from the sentences so that we can check the spelling.
  • Highlight misspelling words: Indicate the misspelling word in the sentence that does not valid in the Khmer-word dictionary.

Upcoming feature:

  • Word suggestion: provide valid similar words to the misspelling text.


  • Microsoft Word 2016 or above.


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