With NodeInsight, improve your team’s cybersecurity awareness and stay secure against cyberthreats.

Node Insight creates and improves the cybersecurity awareness of your organization, via Microsoft Teams identities, in addition provides you to evaluate your organization’s status against cyberthreats. It assesses client cybersecurity status and scores their risk exposure, also makes suggestions and warnings for users. It presents the entire organization’s cybersecurity status to admin users by its dashboard. Additionally, it takes the inventory of software and hardware assets of users with its data collection tools. After collective analysis of hardware, software and network data, it reports the findings to IT admins. Node Insight constantly updates itself to keep your organization at the best level against cyberthreats.

The aim of the application is to promote awareness that cybersecurity is not just the IT department's business but the responsibility of the whole organization. To this end, Node Insight organizes trainings and quizes in order to raise awareness of end-users, as well as providing guidance to the IT department on cybersecurity issues and managing cybersecurity audits.

Benefits for Organisation;

  • With Node Insight, provide cybersecurity and asset management solutions for all types of enterprises. It scans software and hardware assets of your enterprise with just one click. Thus, monitor and assess all assets of Microsoft Teams users, analyze software products at the end of life and get recommendations about cloud and latest versions.
  • Detect and identify security vulnerabilities on client operating systems and get clear recommendations for remedying them. NodeInsight creates a security score for each user based on the analyzed data. This security score provides information about the user security status for departments and the whole organization.
  • With the quick hardware performance survey, find out the satisfaction level of corporate users with their computers, analyze this data and make decisions for the next investment period.
  • Measure your users' security awareness level with the cybersecurity survey and compare departments through this data.
  • Monitor your Microsoft 365 Secure score at the organization-level and compare it with other organizations in similar industries.
  • Get smart suggestions on new technologies to create a better and more secure IT environment.
  • View the security risk analysis of corporate users in your organization. Compare and improve security level between departments.
  • Perform network tests and get assessment reports on the security vulnerabilities.
  • Get various useful reports showing performance and security status through analyze of the collected data.
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