Email Shield for Invoice & Wire Fraud Prevention

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Protect against Invoice, Vendor and Wire Fraud with the #1 enterprise fraud prevention provider.


Protect Your Company.
Stop email-based fraud attempts.

Intelligent Scoring.
Fraud risk scores and alerts delivered right to your inbox.

Gain Control.
Track & verify trusted contacts and expose risky emails with one click.


Once installed, this application allows you to track, score, and verify the digital fingerprint of every inbound email in Outlook 365, making financial decisions smarter and transactions safer.

This add-in is FREE.  Expanded capabilities and upgrades are available for purchase. You can contact a sales representative to discuss the best options for you and your business at 1.866.971.2030, or visit


Our mission is to make every financial transaction safe. 

The way we make financial transactions safe is by uniting the largest, most progressive and fastest-growing companies around the world against fraud. We ensure your company’s suppliers, customers and partners enjoy lower friction, faster fulfillment and more satisfying experiences. operates the largest global anti-fraud consortium and platform-as-a-service for enterprises across industries, including financial services, government, health, manufacturing, retail, technology and other sectors vulnerable to financial fraud. Through collaboration, big data, and advanced AI, we enable our members to identify and stop fraud attempts long before they have to experience a loss.

Outlook Add-in:

The integration with Outlook lets you take control of payments fraud right in Outlook. The integration is 100% cloud-based with no software to maintain.


  • Screens all inbound invoice submissions and account / wire change requests
  • Automatically checks email requests against millions of known fraudsters and methodologies
  • Runs hundreds of rules proven to catch most hard-to-detect forms of invoice fraud
  • Employs machine learning models to select suspicious requests and changes for manual approval
  • Enables automation of rote, repetitive work so agents can focus on more challenging and value-added work

How it works:

  • Accounts payable agents install the Add-in
  • Add-in scans A/P senders, emails, and attachments
  • scores email for invoice, vendor and wire fraud risk
  • Agents approve, reject, or escalate payment and account change requests 

Thank you for joining the effort to combat the growing invoice and wire fraud problem. If you’d like to contact us with comments, insights or just want to talk, please reach out to We look forward to working with you.

Capacitățile aplicației

Atunci când această aplicație este utilizată,
  • Poate să transmită date prin internet
  • Această aplicație poate accesa și modifica informațiile personale din mesajul activ, cum ar fi corpul, subiectul, expeditorul, destinatarii și informațiile despre atașări. Poate trimite aceste date la un serviciu terț. Alte elemente din cutia poștală nu pot fi citite sau modificate.

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