AugTool API AddIn

Dev Technic OU

An excel plugin that accesses AugTool ERP to pull data directly for more advanced reporting.

This plugin requires an AugTool ERP account and instance to function. For more information about AugTool ERP go to

Augtool ERP has various reports that are being added to every week. These reports, including financial, stock and operational reports are complex and are frequently downloaded to excel to analyse further. The Augtool API AddIn allows a user to directly connect to the report within AugTool ERP, setup specific filters and refresh the data with the click of a button.

This plugin, allows the user to build graphs, pivot tables and various summary tabs in excel and then simply refresh the data.

Use of this plugin is restricted to existing users of the AugTool ERP Solution. It requires you to generate an unique API for your user on your AugTool Company Group Instance. For more information contact or go to to learn more about the AugTool ERP solution. For further assistance contact your designated Company Support person.

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