Peltarion AI for Excel


Connect your spreadsheet to Peltarion and get AI and deep learning-driven data analysis.

Get smart predictions in your spreadsheet with Peltarion!

Connect your spreadsheet to the Peltarion integration and get AI and deep learning-driven data analysis.

Some cool things that you can do:

- Forecast future sales based on historical sales volume, store location and time of year

- Estimate house value based on geographical location, images and house description

- Predict customer churn based on support message sentiment and purchasing history

- Automatically tag images according to product category, quality or color

Peltarion can be used with different data types, such as tabular data, images and text data - alone or in combination with each other.

You can start out for free for non-commercial use. For pricing plans, see

How do I go about using the Peltarion add-on?

- Create an account at

- Upload your data and create an AI model on the Peltarion Platform

- Use our sidebar to run predictions on your data in the spreadsheet

- You can also use our formulas to request predictions from your model

Read more about it and test our tutorial for sales forecasting:

Done. Making use of AI and deep learning in your workflow has never been easier!

About Peltarion


Peltarion makes creating AI projects easier than ever before. We provide a low-code, collaborative, graphical cloud platform designed for anyone wanting to add intelligence to their products, workflow, apps, you name it.

Read more about us at

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