Schedule meetings without wasting time - whether virtual or in-person

Arrangr takes the hassle and confusion out of arranging all the details for a meeting (date, time, conference or video call info, location, agenda, etc.) By bringing all the components you need into a single clean and intuitive process, we help you eliminate the back and forth, miscommunications, and juggling between different apps.

Whether setting up a quick Zoom call, Uberconference or just finding a time and place to meet for coffee, Arrangr is simple and fast to use no matter the number of participants. Our proactive, flexible 1-on-1 invitations let you suggest multiple times or time ranges, places or call methods and lets your recipient accept the best option with a single click, all while making sure you don’t double-book. Arrangr’s group event polls smoothly funnel you to the best options for scheduling those impossible-to-coordinate group meetings. Arrangr’s app for Microsoft Teams lets you easily send Arrangr invites right from within Teams. You can also easily feed your Arrangr events and invitations right into any Teams channel you choose!

With Arrangr you can:

- Integrate with multiple calendars, including your Outlook calendar

- Integrate with your favorite conferencing providers, including Microsoft Teams

- Send proactive, flexible 1:1 meeting invitations, suggesting multiple times and places or call methods, without leaving Teams

- Create polls to find the best time to meet, sharing with teammates as well as those outside your team

- Easily access your Arrangr scheduling pages and share their links within Teams

- Seamlessly share invites created on Arrangr into your Teams channels and chats

Arrangr has built-in support for a number of conference and video call platforms, but also lets you customize the call details to support any platform of your choosing. Our built-in options include:

- Microsoft Teams

- Zoom

- Google Meet

- GoToMeeting


- UberConference

- Phone

We also make it easy to arrange in-person meetings, even letting you search for convenient restaurants and cafes right within our app!

For the best experience, it is strongly recommended that you create an Arrangr account and are signed into it while using Arrangr’s app in Microsoft Teams, however you do also have the option to create and send invites as a “guest” without signing in to an Arrangr account.

To get started creating an Arrangr account, visit

*In a future release, we plan to add the ability to receive

notifications via the Teams bot, for events such as received invites, invites accepted, pre-meeting reminders, etc.

Capacitățile programului de completare
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