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Effortless email security app. Protect your most valuable asset - your data.

Sealit is a security framework that works alongside you to help protect your data and your business. With your Sealit digital identity you can easily encrypt and share files and emails without passwords and track how they are accessed in real time. Sealit integrates with your everyday tools to ensure that you and your staff continue working the way you do while being silently protected by Sealit.

The Sealit Outlook Add-in is an easy way to send secure emails directly from your Microsoft Exchange account in directly from your Outlook app. You simply compose your email the way you normally would and click Seal & Send in the top menu bar to securely send sensitive information internally or outside of your organization.

Email security:

Sealit helps you stay secure with effortless encryption of emails directly from your Outlook app.

Simply use your mobile app and your biometrics to confirm decryption requests. No more passwords.

Sealit reduces the risk of sending an email to the wrong recipient by analysing your sending patterns and alerting you of the potential that one or more of the intendent recipients were added by mistake.

Track the access request to your secure emails on a world map and get alerted of any suspicious activity.

You control your data. Unlike with other providers with Sealit you do not need to use our servers to transfer data.

Protecting your hard work

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