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This app gives access to all features as you know them from, and notifications.

Easily connect Futureworks OKR with Microsoft teams

With good goal management comes good results. By setting clear and realistic goals, involving the entire company and following up the progression, you will be able to more easily achieve the company’s goals. Futureworks’ OKR integration makes it easy for employees in the company to know what the goal of the company is and how we can achieve it.

Key Benefits:

  • Track OKR progress to never lose sight of performance
  • Get reminders of Weekly meetings and how we are doing to reach our goals
  • Keep employees focused on the companies goals
  • Make OKR updates exactly where your daily work takes place, and keep your goals in mind with Microsoft alerts

Key Features:

  • Pin a live OKR dashboard as a tab inside any team channel or personal chat to track how goals are progressing
  • Receive timely reminders to ensure objectives stay up-to-date

Don’t have a Futureworks account? No problem!. You can begin tracking OKRs in Microsoft Teams for free with a 14 day trail!

Click Signup to start your free 14-day trial. Click here for English or here for Norwegian

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