MDaemon Calendars

de Mdaemon Technologies, Ltd.

A CalDAV client by MDaemon for MDaemon Users

A CalDAV client for viewing and editing your MDaemon calendar as well as other CalDAV served calendars. Written by MDaemon for MDaemon users. An MDaemon WebDAV Server version 21.5.1 or greater is required.

Getting Started

From the Settings page, enter the host name of the CalDAV server where your MDaemon calendar is hosted. If the standard "/.well-known/caldav" path is not being used, click the Edit '.well-known' path button.

Enter your credentials and click Connect to CalDAV server. If there are any errors, they will be displayed above the CalDAV server host field.

Set your default options in the Calendar Configuration form. When you click Save Settings, you will be taken to the Calendar.

Calendar Features

From the Calendar, you can Create, Edit, and Delete any events that you have permissions for.

Create an event by clicking New Event in the right hand pane. The subject, start, and end fields are required. Click Save to create the event, or click Discard to cancel the event creation.

Edit an existing event by clicking on the event in the calendar view. The details will appear in the right hand pane.

Delete an event by clicking on the event in the calendar view, and then clicking Delete in the right hand pane.

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