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Make feedback your superpower

Teamspective is the complete employee feedback solution for companies who want to build a thriving feedback culture and nurture psychological safety.

Our employee feedback platform serves growth-minded individuals, caring team leads, top executives, and people-focused HR.

Most users never have to leave the comfort of Microsoft Teams, making the experience super-convenient and non-interruptive. Managers often prefer to analyze results and adjust settings in our intuitive and versatile browser app.

Teamspective is easy to adopt and integrates to HR systems like Personio, Bamboo and HiBob (to enable automated user management, team structure, and other user cohorts).

Our solutions are most impactful together, but can be utilized separately as well:

  • Pulse Surveys: listen to your people continuously and enable data driven leadership
  • Personal 360 Feedback: ensure everyone gets high quality feedback around the year
  • Performance Evaluations: collect manager review of all employees with ease
  • Organizational Network Analysis: understand the real web of relationships between the people behind your org chart

Try it out for free, and if you have questions, book a free demo with our feedback culture experts.

You can create your free test account directly through Microsoft Teams after installing this app.

“We’re super happy that we switched our pulse questionnaire to Teamspective. Their user experience is fantastic for everyone: admins, team leads and employees.”

— Tiia Virtanen, People & Culture,

“If anything, we should've started with Teamspective earlier.”

— Jukka Kujala, Head of People, HoxHunt


Pulse surveys – Continuous insights without friction

  • 30-second interactive surveys in Microsoft Teams to keep track almost in real-time of your team's wellbeing and engagement.
  • Science-backed templates get you started fast – but questions are manually customizable as well.
  • Automatically generated, customized reports to management and each team enable more impactful leadership and continuous learning on all levels of the organization.
  • In-app guidance helps your teams make most of the results and turn insights into action.
  • Pulse survey response rates average 75 % for Teamspective client companies.

Personal 360 feedback solution – Request and receive relevant, thoughtful feedback

  • Teamspective guides users to easily request relevant feedback from the right people at the right time, making sure feedback happens.
  • Step-by-step guidance for formulating both reinforcing and redirecting feedback constructively and compassionately.
  • Encourages and facilitates meaningful praise both publicly and privately.
  • You can also request feedback from customer and partner contacts.
  • Convenient interface to view, categorize, and share feedback (for e.g. 1-on-1s or team reviews).
  • Teamspective clients typically see feedback activity grow 6x and feedback satisfaction increase by 52 %.

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) – Truly understand your company’s inner workings

  • With just a few simple questions asked regularly from each team member, Teamspective’s ONA feature understands the true working of your organization and how it evolves. (Your official org chart is not the whole truth.)
  • See who the vital connectors are and how influence flows within and between teams.
  • Quantify external demands on individuals -> preempt burnout/attrition risk.
  • ONA is part of the magic that coordinates Teamspective's personal feedback tool.

Performance Evaluations – a streamlined evaluation process your employees love

  • Forget laborous, once-a-year reviews – but keep the benefits.
  • Lower threshold allows more continuous evaluations and a broader perspective.

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