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The virtual advisor created by iGenius that makes your business data talk.

The virtual advisor created by iGenius that makes your business data talk. Experience crystal's conversational interface to help you taking data-driven decisions based on real insights. Enjoy an AI advisor which talks to you like a colleague and gives you proactive advice for your business.


**She can talk** using multi-context Natural Language Processing

**She can learn** your preferences and needs over time

**She can tailor** real-time insights to your business’s terms

**She can advise** browsing seamlessly across data sources

**She can predict** helping you make better decisions and get better results

**She can act** completing tasks on your behalf


crystal’s made up of three components:

**AI powered by Machine Learning and Deep Learning that creates a knowledge graph of your business and delivers augmented analytics.

**Fast Data Retrieval that slices and dices enormous amounts of information, and turns it into actionable insights instantly.

**Natural Language Processing that makes crystal feel like an extra colleague.


One app to access all your data with one click, wherever you are. No training or data science expertise required.


Cut data analysis time from days to seconds.


Data is streamed in real time, never retained.

**iGenius is the native AI company on a mission to reimagine data interaction and deliver intelligence powered by simplicity.

Your account has to be enabled to access at least one project in order to utilize crystal after the download

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