Audience Subscription by Accelerator 365

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Easily subscribe to SharePoint intranet content that's relevant to you.

The Audience Subscription web part allows site visitors to add and remove themselves to a centrally managed set of public Microsoft 365 groups. A common use is to combine this with the SharePoint audience targeting capability.

Audience Subscription offers you the following features:

  • Administrator control - Administrators can select which groups are available.
  • Manage groups by user - Site visitors can add and remove themselves to selected groups.
  • Responsive - Audience Subscription is fully responsive for mobile devices and works great in Microsoft Viva Connections.

Visit The Accelerator by WM Reply for support and more information about Audience Subscription and our other components.

*Claim a free trial with full functionality for 60 days. After 60 days, the Audience Subscription trial will expire with instructions for purchasing a licenced version.

Learn how to download your free trial of Audience Subscription.

*Audience Subscription requires Microsoft Graph API permissions to be approved in the SharePoint Admin Centre.

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