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Streamline collaboration by connecting Swit to your Microsoft Teams workflow

Swit combines your work essentials all in one place. Work with your team on upcoming projects using our innovative Work OS add-on.

While Microsoft Teams provides communication tools for workers with chat and video conferences, Swit provides collaboration essentials by combining task cards and chat channels for a seamless experience.

We wanted these two work tools to strengthen both communication and collaboration between teams as they complete projects with both apps.

Now, you can access Swit through Teams, allowing you to combine the chat and task functionalities of Swit with the chat and video conferencing of the Microsoft Teams app.

Take back the time you lose switching between apps with the Swit add-on!

You will need to link your Swit account to your Teams account in order to utilize this add-on.

Always Connected

You can view our app extension within the main menu in Microsoft Teams!

Bot Commands

Our chatbot command allows you to create task cards or modify existing information on task cards without ever needing to leave Microsoft Teams. You can also view tasks that you were assigned to or collaborating on through Microsoft Teams.

Message Extension

Attach a chat message to a task card or create a new task card directly from Microsoft Teams. You can also share a Microsoft Teams message to a Swit chat channel or DM.

Presence Sync

Your presence can be synced with your Swit status. When your status changes in Teams, Swit will automatically update your status within the Swit app.

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