AI-FI Demand Forecasting ML

Alithya Digital Technology Corporation

Optimize supply chain material procurement and demand planning with AI analytics.

More accurately predict future material demand by product category or store location with Machine Learning (ML) methods.  Optimize the manufacturing, procurement, and shipment of any product type impacted by overstocking, understocking, or perishability challenges. 

AI-FI Demand Forecasting helps any product or material centric organization address the following common inefficiencies:

  • Unplanned surpluses and shortages 
  • Inefficient inventory volume and duration 
  • Unwanted operational and warehouse carrying costs 
  • Unfulfilled material orders and associated work holds 
  • Inaccurate demand, order, re-order, and stocking level forecasts 

Alithya’s ML solution and services provide more accurate predictive forecasts compared to traditional approaches by applying modern analytics and machine learning methodologies on historical material inventory, order, fulfillment, and non-fulfillment data.

Expected benefits include:

  • Optimized supply chain material procurement behaviors 
  • More economic stock level order quantities
  • Reduced material surpluses, inventory storage, and carrying costs
  • Reduced material shortages, and work interruptions
  • Adaptability to ongoing shifting business demands, economic factors, seasonality and consumption patterns etc.
  • Extensibility to evolving business priorities and challenges
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