AI-FI Trade Surveillance

Alithya Digital Technology Corporation

Monitor capital markets transactions to ensure regulatory adherence and mitigate reputational risk.

Alithya’s AI-FI Trade Surveillance solution allows capital markets firms to manage even the most complex surveillance and compliance challenges with ease. AI-FI Trade Surveillance leverages AI and ML technology to help firms drive down operational costs, improve trade compliance analysis, and increase visibility into trading activity. Let us help you enhance your team’s capabilities by focusing them on what’s important and letting them filter out what’s not.

Features include:

  • Automatic monitoring of all exchange traded derivatives
  • Case Management with configurable workflow
  • Compliance Engine with configurable AI-Enhanced Rules
  • Machine learning Alert Classifier with on-demand retraining
  • Online storage and backup of orders, trades, and alerts
  • Infrastructure-free with web access

Services include:

  • Public market data integration
  • Private trade and order data integration
  • Initial configuration of AI-Enhanced Rules 
  • Alert Classifier model training and back testing
  • Trading day business hours support
  • Annual AI-Enhanced Rules assessment, tune-up, and workshop


AI-FI Trade Surveillance pays for itself and leaves you with a ROI that can be invested back into your organization:

  • Fewer False Positives; No more time wasted investigating low priority alerts
  • Consistent Adjudication; Avoid fluctuations in your team’s performance to adjudicate compliance alerts.  Always perform at your best! 
  • Improved Team Performance; Reduce the training time required to identify highly suspicious alerts
  • Reduced Regulatory Risk; Monitor all orders and trades for compliance and avoid the need for random sampling 
  • Greater Team Engagement; Focus your SME’s on critical analysis and keep them engaged in meaningful work to reduce employee churn

Get started today with new insights into your trading activity, and reduced time spent on low priority alerts.

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