ignio AI.ERPOps


An insight driven Cognitive automation product for smooth SAP operations

AI.ERPOps is an insight driven cognitive automation product for smooth Technical and Functional SAP operations.

·        It acts as a virtual ERP assistant that

            i.     Brings automation to smoothen out SAP operations

            ii.     Takes up the regular monotonous tasks

            iii.     Minimizes manual errors and reduces MTTR (Mean time to resolve)

·        It improves business outcomes by detecting anomalies, providing analysis with recommendations and preventing business transaction failures by taking actions. The product enables accurate and on-time financial reporting, sales forecast, billing, shipping, deliveries, vendor payments, etc. that adds agility to your business and enhances customer experience. It will make your order to cash and procure to pay cycles prompt and effective. Features like dashboards and reports, cognitive automation, faster and autonomous ticket resolution, makes your enterprise intelligent, reduces the dependency on SAP experts and helps you grow your business.

·        ignio’s cognitive automation helps to bring in proactive, agile and resilient ERP operations across your enterprise.

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