Captivo - Learning Management System

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The smart learning hub to design your learning vision & transform your corporate learning experience

Learning and growing is what drives us all!

Captivo learning management system offers an innovative learning experience integrated into your learners' workflow, while meeting all efficiency, flexibility and compliance challenges.


Compliance Training – Need to centralize and streamline Compliance management

Skills Management – You want more engaged employees who stay longer 

Business Training – Building an effective long-lasting business relationship with your partners and customers is not easy

Learning Experience – How can you keep your employees connected while encouraging remote work


Centralize all your learning activities in one single platform – All knowledge sources, showcasing all relevant activities

Integrate & Scale your learning experience – A learning system with the ability to integrate specific modules

Adapt A learning management system aligned with your brand, a custom design that is true to your business



Grow your Captivo at your own pace: our learning platform centralizes multiple modules and features.

  • COMPLIANCE TRAINING: Registration Process - Certifications - Learning Path
  • SKILLS MANAGEMENT: Training Content - Multiple Attributes - Training Management - Delivery Modes
  • LEARNING EXPERIENCE: User Experience - Customizable Interface - Security, Configuration and Administration


  • Compliance Training: Ensure compliance at all times with a simple and flexible training management tool
  • Skills Management: Manage your entire training content, customize your interface according to your needs
  • Business Training: With training, build an effective relationship and generate more value
  • Learning Experience: Foster cooperation and team building by developing a learning culture to encourage exchange of knowledge

We take care of everything

Adopting Captivo is selecting a scalable learning platform that fits your brand and evolves at your own pace while working with a team committed to helping you grow.

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