Forescout: Continuous Device Visibility and Control


Forescout provides 100% device visibility and control across cloud, DC, campus and OT networks

Forescout, the leading device visibility and control platform, enables organizations to gain complete situational awareness of their extended enterprise environments and orchestrate actions to reduce cyber and operational risk. Forescout products deploy quickly with agentless, real-time discovery and classification of every IP-connected device, as well as continuous posture assessment and policy enforcement, across cloud, datacenter, campus and industrial/operational technology (OT) environments. Benefits include:

Reduce the risk of business disruption from security incidents and breaches by continuously monitoring your extended enterprise to prevent, detect and remediate non-compliant devices that threaten security and increase costs.

Ensure and demonstrate security compliance by continuously assessing your security environment to ensure tools and device configurations meet your organization’s compliance objectives.

Increase Security Operations productivity by Integrating existing security and IT management tools and automating processes to drive security operations efficiencies.

Forescout helps IT, security and OT management professionals achieve challenging enterprise-wide use cases such as: 
Device Visibility. You can’t secure what you can’t see™. Continuously discover, classify and assess every IP-connected device that touches the extended enterprise network to unify security management. 
Asset Management. Accurately manage and secure connected things. Automate inventorying and maintain accurate asset details across IT and OT networks. 
Device Compliance. Evaluate and reach compliance with confidence. Continuously assess devices, monitor them and enforce security policies to reduce compliance risk. 
Network Access Control. Control access simply and easily. Apply unified NAC policies across heterogeneous campus, data center, cloud and OT environments—with or without 802.1X. 
Network Segmentation. Confidently segment your network. Simplify segmentation planning and automate ACL/VLAN assignment to reduce your attack surface. 
Incident Response. Respond and remediate quickly. Automate threat detection, prioritization and containment to accelerate incident response and mitigate risks.
Forescout can be deployed directly in Azure. Forescout helps you discover and control your cloud workloads as they are created or moved; easily discover, classify and monitor users and devices connected to cloud resources; and verify that VMs and cloud instances are assigned to the right security or port groups. Forescout also helps you true-up your VM asset inventory in your CMDB.
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