Cloud Payment HSM - Card & Mobile Issuing


From Futurex, FIPS 140-2 & PCI HSM compliant cloud payment HSMs for payment card and mobile issuing.

VirtuCrypt, Futurex's cloud hardware security module (HSM) platform, is an award winning provider of enterprise class cloud security services.

Using Futurex's FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and PCI HSM validated technology, VirtuCrypt cloud payment HSMs can perform cryptographic operations required for card and mobile issuing. This includes functions related to PIN and offset generation, online and mobile PIN management, EMV key generation and derivation, mobile payment token issuing, and all related key management functions.

Financial issuing focuses on the steps carried out between merchants and banks for provisioning credit and debit payment methods, either through traditional card-based form factors or through mobile payments.

Multiple throughput rates, SLAs, and redundancy options are available. Contact Futurex for more details at 
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