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A catalog and channel management platform that supports omni-product distribution in the B2B market

CloudBlue Connect is a catalog and channel management platform that supports omni-product (any type of product) distribution—from software as a service (SaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), technology goods and perpetual license software, and anything as a service (XaaS). The platform supports any channel, including direct and indirect (tier-model distribution) as well as internal procurement.

Customer Use Cases

Launch an omni-product, multi-channel marketplace - Onboard any type of product and service to your commerce system and to indirect channel partners to cut costs and improve efficiency.

Streamline multi-channel distribution - Reduce the costs and resources spent on conducting business through your direct and indirect channels.

Simplify and streamline procurement - Streamline your procurement operations to cut costs, reduce errors and help your organization digitally transform on the backend.

Platform Features

Fulfillment Management - View, reject and approve fulfillment requests, including purchase, change, suspend, resume, cancel and renew.

Contracts Management - You can create and manage digital contracts with third-party vendors, and they can review and electronically sign distribution and program contracts.

Inventory Management - Create, test and manage products. Define products by SKU and determine their consumption model, billing period and unit.

Catalog Management - View a list of available products in the CloudBlue Catalog and request products for syndication in your portfolio.

Listing Management - You can process third-party vendors’ requests for product listings with your partners. These third-party vendors can easily create, update and monitor their product listing requests.

Sample Customers Include

  • Telcos who provide voice or data services and/or specialize in carrier-class hardware and software. They should have 5,000+ employees, have $1 billion or more in annual sales
  • IT Resellers, MSPs, Retail/DMR, DISTIs and digital procurement managers with 1,000+ employees, make $500 million or more in annual sales
  • Vendors that offer digital services who wants to expand their market reach, create an indirect channel business or expand their existing indirect channel business.

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