Intello Track

de Intello Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Food Quality management solution to record, automate and share visual QC reports

Whether you’re a fresh fruit grower, a vegetable exporter, or head of a food brand, Intello Track makes it simple for your team to record quality. The application automates the workflow of creating and sharing quality reports. 

The current manual process is paper to a spreadsheet to PDF to email. Track shortens the lengthy, laborious process to just one step – entering the quality specs. 

Track automatically creates the summarized PDF with supporting images. You can share the comprehensive quality report with anyone, even clients, directly from it with a single tap. 

Key benefits:

  • Less manual effort – Track comes with pre-set location and process, eliminating manual errors. The predefined quality specs and consolidated data reduce workload. 

  • Fewer customer rejections – Track automatically attaches images to reports, lending accountability, strengthening compliance, and building trust with clients. 

  • Get complete traceability – An intuitive dashboard that lets you monitor quality right from the food source. You can call up any previous document with Lot ID or purchase number.  

  • Reduce expenses – Track stores all quality data, reports, and images, so you don’t have to bear additional server or cloud costs. It also removes the cost of hiring a data encoder. 

  • Leverage analytics – Track offers reliable, actionable insights that help deliver better and consistent quality. The KPI-based dashboard brings real-time visibility on commodities, suppliers, and regions. You can even feed the quality data to your business metrics for a complete picture of your quality and profitability analysis. 

  • Visual quality inspection records - Captures inspection parameters along with image proofs for every lot/batch/sample for better auditibility and analysis

Intello Track is completely customizable to you. Any food business can use it across all legs of the supply chain - growers, packers, shippers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, and retailers. It integrates with your IT ecosystem so that the entire quality team can use it from management to inspector.

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