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SaaS - Content Marketing and Thought Leadership

daXai is a content creation marketing membership platform for technology companies.

Who is daXai for?

daXai is purpose built for technology companies who need to create better content more quickly to connect with new buyers and drive demand with effective marketing campaigns. daXai has two target audiences:

Target Market #1 – daXai Professional for Small to Mid-Sized SIs, ISVs or MSPs

  • “I run a small marketing department of less than X people and need to execute on multiple campaigns every year to drive demand for sales. Marketing has changed and we need to create more content than ever. I rely on freelancers (who don’t understand our market) and internal resources (who don’t understand storytelling and focus instead on product features) to help me.
  • I need best practices, guidance and support to help me execute faster, create consistency and to guide my limited resource pool.”

Target Market #2 – daXai White Label for ISVs and Distributors

  • ISV – “We want to recruit and activate more partners to sell our solutions and we want to enable them with better marketing tools and expertise to make it easier for them. We want partners to think of us first as easy to do business with. We want better accountability for the MDF dollars we are investing with our partners.”
  • Distributors – “We want to add greater value to our partners with tools and support to help them market more effectively. We want to help our ISVs get their messages out through partners. We want to be the IT aggregator and solutions distributor of choice for both ISVs and the channel partners as highest value and easiest to do business with.”

Why technology companies need daXai

According to Forrester, daXai is the ONLY platform that teaches technology companies how to create better content through a proven, paint-by-numbers approach. daXai also provides industry research, persona development and step-by-step campaign plans and guidance.

Market Research

  • 76% of global CEOs feel that business models will be unrecognizable in the next five years
  • We are in the middle of a major transformation of how (tech) companies go to market
  • Post-COVID, sales cycles have increased by 4 months
  • B2B buyers:
    • Need 27 touchpoints before making a purchasing decision (17 pre-COVID) - Forrester
    • Only spend 5%-6% of decision time with sales rep - Forrester
    • 6-10 influencers cross all buying jobs multiple times for a single decision - Gartner
  • Technology Partners:

    • 72% of partners are unable to connect offerings to buyer needs and challenges - SiriusDecisions
    • 69% of partners are unable to differentiate offerings from their competition or the status quo - SiriusDecisions
    • 65% have poor content quality - SiriusDecisions

What do our clients say?

  • “I love the templates – especially the graphic design templates in PowerPoint – those save me money normally spent on freelancers.”
  • “My technology partners have material where we plop on a logo and all my competitors are using the same exact thing – I feel like we are just copying – daXai is helping me create our own stuff that doesn’t look like everyone else.”
  • “I am learning new and different ways of reaching the market.”
  • “I like the credits – I use them when we’re stuck and sometimes just to talk to someone to get good advice.”
  • “There is so much in marketing that is a black box for us. So learning, for example, how to create a campaign, how much we should spend on paid, what numbers look like success, etc. is really helpful.”
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