mnubo delivers IoT analytics & artificial intelligence solutions to connected product manufacturers

mnubo delivers IoT analytics and artificial intelligence solutions to connected product manufacturers. Bringing together the best engineers and AI experts, mnubo delivers out-of-the-box insights, automated reports and advanced IoT data science.

Fastest time-to-insight

  • SmartObjects is flexible and can be implemented in days vs. months.
  • It leverages the latest industry expertise, promotes business agility, and scales-as-you-grow.
  • It includes an extensive library of out-of-the-box insights that are available as soon as sensor data is streaming in

Insights are actionable

  • Link insights to actions that drive business value.
  • Use SmartObjects to send reports to executives, build cases and trigger actions in CRM & ERP systems, feed corporate-wide BI solutions, and much more

Catered to all corporate stakeholders

SmartObjects’ actionable insights cover the needs o